Rachael Yamagata Quotes

So for those of you falling in love,
Keep it kind, keep it good, keep it right.
Throw yourself in the midst of danger,
But keep one eye open at night.

Pain is a huge gift. It can expand you like nothing else. If you can embrace it and sink into it, you’ll get to the point where you can bend and transform your experience of it. Having some sort of creative outlet to do that is another gift.

I’m a big believer that there’s a reason for everything. I’m a hopeless optimist.

Everyone is more than what you see on the cover; we all run deep and have our story.

My breaking heart and I agree, that you and I could never be, so with my best…my very best, I set you free

As I grow older, what I find interesting is that I get experience with pain, different types of pain, and I start to see the lovely hilarity of life. Things that were once so crushing take on a different essence. I move through it at a faster rate. It’s like traveling: it opens my eyes. My process is to allow myself to have it and to not judge myself or the situation too much, and then to create something with it.

My own brain. When I get it out of the way, I’m fine.


I treasure my mornings. I get up early and ignore everything work-related for the first few hours. It’s just me and my coffee addiction.

There’s something about [pain] that excites me. If I’m feeling really awful about something, it’s because I haven’t experienced it before. There’s something I need to learn from it.

Love could solve everything.

I wish you health, and more than wealth, I wish you love

In love relationships, there’s such intimacy, and the potential to be the most vulnerable and honest and raw with another person. Why can’t we have that transparency with everyone in our lives and reach that higher connection?

I do have faith that something better is always coming for you.

What tries to break us is endlessly fascinating to me. Joy is a whole different game to express.

Follow your instincts, and handle all with respect and diplomacy.

I used to find places in high school and college, empty rooms or spaces with pianos. Instead of going to a party, I’d play alone for hours. It became my buddy.

I’m addicted to the dynamics of relationships whether they be in love, work, between strangers on the streets, or in the world in general.

People who know my music think I’m the most depressed girl on the planet.

Flute was actually my first instrument. I had a year of lessons and then stopped after feeling like I was going to faint all of the time.

Writing and performing are to me what water and movement are to sharks.

I wrote my first song when I was twelve on the piano.

I immediately target sadness and conflict and disruption in life.

Conflict is a great thing to start with. For me as a songwriter, I am constantly trying to solve problems.

I can sit and dissect for hours, and then write 50 songs about. I always find that inspiring.

I don’t really usually write sort of a cheerleader-type lyric.