Rachel Dratch Quotes

I hate trying to analyze comedy in some deep way. If it gets laughs, it’s funny.

I have no wisdom to share on dating.

Many comedians have a dark side that lets them take a negative thing and turn it funny.

If it gets laughs, it’s funny.


I remember watching Gilda Radner when I was a kid and everyone thought she was so funny and no one ever said that she was a funny woman, she was just funny.

If you have an impulse, not if you’re going to ruin someone elses’ scene, if you have an impulse of a funny little add-on or taking something in a weird direction, try it.

But I majored in Drama, modified with Psychology.

The people, they are the ones with the real answers.

I know a lot of girls in the comedy world who are kind of like me. I don’t know where the slutty girls hang out, but it’s not the comedy world as far as I know.

In theater, it’s just you and the audience. It’s less of a popularity contest. It’s just you and the audience, and they’re laughing or they’re not laughing, that’s the only gauge you really have. But with TV and movies and everything, it’s like “Well, did you get a meeting at so-and-so?” and “So-and-so’s really hot right now,” which is all the stuff I’m probably still not used to.

I never wanted to be that person who leaves ‘SNL’ and nothing happens.

I started doing improv in college, and I really liked it.

I was sort of the class-clown type, and I was also in school plays, and I always liked comedy.

I didn’t consider myself a huge baby person. I`m not like, “Oh my god! I want to hold every baby!” And some women just have that engraved in their minds.

The environmental agenda seems swept under the rug a lot, and environmentalists are looked at as tree-huggers who aren’t dealing with the real issues when in fact someone needs to be keeping an eye on how we’re treating the planet. When politicians bring up the environment, they’re immediately labeled as being anti-business. But for the sake of the planet on which we live, we need to take the environment into account.

Since I was little, it was instilled in me to conserve water. In terms of what can you do as an individual, it’s an easy issue to get behind.

Personally, I don’t even read bummer news stories about the environment because it makes me feel helpless to fix anything and reminds me that the general population doesn’t treat these issues as an important part of our political life.

When I was a kid, I was super shy.


I don’t really consider myself an impressionist.

And you know when I was growing up, I knew I wanted to have kids, but I knew I didn’t want to do it alone. Then once I was 41, 42, I had to accept that I probably wouldn’t have kids unless I decided to adopt later on, but even then it would be with a partner.

All I remember is the last time I played a videogame, it was Space Invaders.

I’m definitely not up-to-date on the high-tech videogame world.

I started doing improv my sophomore year.

I did some acting in high school, I knew I really liked it.

I had always wanted to be on SNL, it’s not always great, but it’s this leftover childhood dream.