Rachel Hurd-Wood Quotes

As a kid at school, I had a lot of really good teachers and I had a lot of really bad teachers, and I just know how much of an impact those can have on a young child. To be one of the good teachers – I want to have that kind of impact.

I’ve been a victim in every film I have done so far. It would be nice to play someone who doesn’t get killed for once. Then again, I am getting really good at screaming and fake tears…

I’m quite good at going away from home. I don’t live with my parents or anything. But it is tough when you’re so far away from everyone.

It was never my goal to be an actor.

I’m really focused and committed to teaching now. Maybe when I’m about 30, which is in 10 years, I would like to consider doing something like speech therapy. That’s what I really would like to do. I could go and do that now but it’s not my drive at the moment. My drive is acting right now.