Saadi Yacef Quotes

A man capable of torturing another human being, even if he’s scum, feels something break in him, the most important thing that he has, his humanity, his soul if you want.



Torture is something that happens between two people, the torturer and the victim. The victim is made to taste death without actually dying. He is subjected to atrocious pain and begs his torturer to kill him. He’s even ready to forgive the torturer as long as he kills him.

Torture is abominable, things like ripping out someone’s nails, or burning someone with a blowtorch. And those who practice it feel a certain power but it’s suicidal. They will never get over what they’ve done. And it creates sadists.

I will do whatever I can to help my country until my death. At the Senate I try to devise laws that fit in with the way people live, and I give my opinion. And I will always do this, even if I leave the Senate. I will always try and be useful.