Sabrina Jeffries Quotes

It is better to be blind than to see things from only one point of view.

No disease is more dangerous than a bad husband, for if a woman catches that Pox, she’ll languish from it her entire life.

Love is taking chances when every rational part of you screams, ‘Don’t risk it.’ Because it’s only when your heart has been ripped open that you get a chance to find the one person capable of making it whole.

You can never know too much about writing. If you think you know everything, you’re not leaving yourself open to learn. . . . The best writers are always learning, exploring, and trying to improve.

He smiled his dimpled smile. “Well, I’ve found something in my heart, my love, and it’s you. You fill it up so completely that I don’t need anything else.” His gaze turned solemn. “I don’t want to be the river anymore. I want to be the earth that the tree roots in. And I believe that I can, if you’ll be my tree. Will you?” It was too much. She began to cry, though she smiled so he’d know that they were happy tears. “That proposal…is vastly superior…to your last one,” she choked out between sobs. “I would very much love to be your tree.” -Jarret and Annabel

Sometimes the way to a man’s heart is through his talleywacker.

I can promise that even having an imperfect one who loves you is better than having none at all.

If you never put your life in someone else’s hands, then you can’t really expect them to put theirs in yours. In the long run, never trusting anyone is a hard way to live.

And in my private life I prefer not to pass myself off as what I’m not (Daniel Brennan)

He stared past her to the place at the other end of the dining table where Regina would sit as his wife. If she were here. If he hadn’t driven her away. “I’m not sure I know how to love, Louisa.” She took his hand. “Don’t be silly. Loving is easy. It’s finding someone to love you back that’s hard.

What are you doing here?” she asked. “You forgot something when you left Halstead Hall,” he said hoarsely. “What?” Her heart lept into her throat as he strode purposefully toward her. “Me.

I suppose if you were inclined to misbehave, you wouldn’t exactly tell me the truth anyway.” “Darling, you have a brother fond of holding a gun on me, a sister who can shoot anything that moves, two other brothers who’ve repeatedly threatened to thrash me, and a grandmother who buys off constables. Do you really think I’m fool enough to antagonize them by committing adultery?” It was hard not to smile at that. “An excellent point.” “I think so.

How do you know it won’t be duels at dawn when you tell him you’ve accepted my proposal of marriage?” “Don’t be ridiculous. He’s not that hotheaded. Though I daresay he may try to…er…knock some sense into you. He and Jarret. And possibly Gabe.” “Our bargain is looking better and better all the time,” he said drily. “I get to fight the Sharpe men while you stand around pretending to care.” He came close enough to whisper, “I will definitely require a few kisses of you if that comes to pass, minx.” -Giles and Minerva

You got off on the wrong foot. I merely watched you shove it into your mouth.

A man is what he is and no fancy lodgings or fine clothes will change that (Daniel Brennan)

A teacher had once told them that men were either beasts, gentlemen, or beasts masquerading as gentlemen. Might there be a fourth category — gentlemen masquerading as beasts?

Terence: As my old da used to tell me, ‘never trust a rich man’. David: Good thing I’m only moderately rich. Terence: Which is why I only moderately distrust you.

Advising Mrs. Harris was the least I could do,” David said smoothly. “After all, she was the one who brought me and my late wife together.” That was stretching it a bit, since all Charlotte had done was give Sarah lessons in how to avoid fortune hunters, thus ensuring that the recalcitrant girl went right out and married the first one who approached her.

No one in life can ever match fiction

Angel? Angels didn’t sit on the lap of wicked scoundrels-not unless they were the fallen kind.

She didn’t want to think about how wrong this was or how foolish it was to give herself to a known seducer. Because tonight Oliver wasn’t that man. Not to her. He was the boy who’d cried over his dead mother, the young man who’d lost himself in drink and women to forget the past, the marquess who’d vowed not to marry for money. He was the man to be her lover.

Watch it, minx,” he warned with a lift of his brow. “If you intend to taunt me for every foolish statement I’ve made in my life, you’ll force me to play Rockton and lock you up in my dark, forbidding manor while I have my wicked way with you.” That sounds perfectly awful,”she said gazing at the man she loved. “How soon can we start?

The best time to write is when your life is in the toilet. Writing offers an escape from your problems, so if you force yourself to write when you’re in the doldrums, it will have the perverse effect of cheering you up. At the very least, it allows you to inflict your pain on your characters, which has the dual effect of giving them more depth while relieving your own tension.

I love you, Minerva. I love that you believe in me no matter what. I love how you take whatever you see and distill it into your books. I love your clever mind and your generous heart and every inch of your beautiful body. I love you even when you give me heart failure, by risking your life before my very eyes.” He smiled tenderly. “I only hope in time I can prove worthy of your love.

I always say that love is like the meat in a pie,” Freddy put in. “The crust is what people see—the practical things that hold a couple together. But love is the important part—without it you’ve got a meatless pie, and what’s the point of that?” “Why, Freddy,” Minerva said, “that was almost profound.