Saeb Erekat Quotes

Since Eve negotiated Adam, I am the most disadvantaged negotiator in history of mankind. I have no army, no navy, no air force, no economy.

I’m telling Palestinians don’t use violence. We’re going to use the civilized means of international law to achieve our goals, our independence, our freedom.

We are a people with no army, no navy, no air force, no arms. It’s people, thousands of people, who are feeling, sensing the sense of urgency, fearing for the president of their life – the life of their president, trying to protect their democratic choice, because Arafat is the elected leader of the Palestinian people.

Now, more than ever, the international community must act.

It’s impossible to say who has guns in Gaza anymore. The ballots are the only thing that can stop the violence at this point.

Look, I am a Palestinian elected representative from Jericho. If a Palestinian wants to sell his fruit anywhere in the West Bank, he goes to the Israeli civil administration. If a Palestinian sick person wants to leave a hospital, he goes through the Israeli civil administration. Nobody can leave or enter my constituency without Israeli permission. Israel is, in effect, resuming the occupation.