Sage Francis Quotes

I’m not afraid of dying. Pieces of me die all the time.

The rich get richer until the poor get educated.

Life is just a lie with an ‘F’ in it, and death is definite

The devil only exists because of your belief in him; same goes for that other guy.

When a boy writes off the world it’s done with sloppy misspelled words
If a girl writes off the world it’s done in cursive.

The artist thing is just natural. If that comes out, the music, the songs, I need some actual time which I dedicate to it. But I don’t have to sit down eight hours a day in order to get out what I need to create. That is just always bubbeling inside and than evetually it just comes out.

Don’t waive your rights with your flags.

Earnestness can go wrong in hip hop. On this album, it goes very right.