T. J. Miller Quotes

There’s sketch, improv, writing, acting, music, and badminton. Those are the seven forms of comedy.

If I can make someone laugh, I lift them out of their fundamentally tragic existence.

My name’s Todd but I changed it in the first grade because there was another kid named Todd and I didn’t understand that that was possible.

I have perfectly symmetrical ankles.

When it’s all you, you can’t blame a bear. You gotta bear the burden yourself.

Work harder than anyone else around you.

Yogi Bear – there’s everything before Yogi Bear and there’s everything after Yogi Bear. Like a major car accident, or the birth of Christ.

GOOD THINGS DO COME IN BEARS!!…. is how I climax.

They ask me what the biggest thing I have going on right now is, and I usually say, “I think this interview?” And then they don’t get that it’s a joke. So then I say, Yogi Bear 3D. That’s my default.

Yogi Bear changed my life in ways that I can’t explain because it’s not a full feature on me.

I like hip-hop, but I don’t like concerts. There’s like sweat, on people’s backs.

I feel a strong affinity to Ke$ha and Katy Perry and a lot of these women who are really pushing the girl power femme fatale thing. It’s fun and it’s unapologetic, and they tell women they can do whatever they want, and that’s true, and that’s a message that I want to carry, to tell girls they can do whatever they want.

If you’re a psychologist, you can instrumentally change peoples’ lives for the better.

I’m having a difficult time killing my parents

Movie is an industry without job security. As soon as a job is done, you have to find a job. But I think doing different stuff makes you better at other stuff: Acting makes you better at stand-up, which makes you better at writing.

If you want to be a stand-up comedian or an artist, you move to New York.

Stuff that I write isn’t as similar to the stuff that I’m in, but I don’t really care, I just do comedy.

Yogi Bear was a real moment in my life. Post-Yogi Bear: don’t drink as much. Pre-Yogi Bear: like to drink much.