T. Thorn Coyle Quotes

In wishing to know ourselves fully, we must forget our quest for gain and seek only completion. At a certain point in our development, we no longer even seek to become Mystic, Magister, Sorcerer, or Witch: we seek only our own perfection in the wholeness of our Will, in the joining of light with dark and strength with love. We are varied and gorgeous yet pure of heart. Our aim is this: to know ourselves and to know the world.

Cast yourself. You are the spell.

May our lives be born from the beauty of darkness, and shine with the possibility of light.

We are part animal, part human, and part divine, and the moment we forget the possibility of any one of those, we are lost.

Seekers are all following some distant star, and eventually will come to recognize that this star resides in their very core.

Connection exists. There is immanence and transcendence, and everything beyond and in between. My tradition calls this connection God Herself.

True listening is never self-effacement. We bring the whole self to the process, rather than denying self. When we truly listen, we aren’t just waiting for someone else to decide something so we can get on with things, or so we don’t have to decide for ourselves. We aren’t giving away our own powers to be seen and heard. When we listen, first we listen to the parts of ourselves that are curious, in avoidance, afraid, angry, or proud. Then we can take a breath and sink, allowing those parts some space alongside the spaciousness of not knowing.