Tadashi Yanai Quotes

I might look successful but I’ve made many mistakes. People take their failures too seriously. You have to be positive and believe you will find success next time.

If you always think about your dreams or goals, work steadfastly towards them and continue to challenge yourself, you will definitely be able to realise those dreams or goals.

More than trends, consumers need functionality. Everything needs an element of fashion, but thats more like a spice.

I learned that people don’t buy anything from unknown stores.


It is clothes. It is parts. Therefore, you combine the parts differently to create your own unique expression.

Japan’s biggest problems are conservatism and cowardice.

I tell people that we must have the courage to share what we feel, but no one follows me.

As a businessperson, I dont have the power to change the government. That is in the hands of the political leaders. However, as a taxpayer, we have the right to be critical of the government and demand change.

I hate politics. What they say and what they do is completely different.

We are a country of artisans and a country of manufacturing. I think Japanese textile technology is the best in the world.

Japanese businesspeople and companies are lacking in individuality.

America, for me, is the country where, if you have something great to offer, you’ll be valued highly.

Konosuke Matsushita was a visionary entrepreneur. He started working very young as a teenager, and he eventually created Panasonic to become a truly global company.

Our underwear used to just be cotton, but we wanted to see if we could create something out of synthetics.