Tahar Rahim Quotes

Im an actor, full stop. Not an Arab actor. Not an actor of Algerian origin. Just an actor.

I dont know how to get bored. I need to learn to rest.

At the end of the day, I remain a country boy inside.

Sometimes you do things without knowing the plan or how many cameras. You serve the camera – that’s the big difference.

I recall the first time my agent told me to wear clothes specifically chosen for me, I would try and find excuses not to do it.

Everybody is not completely traumatised by their life.

I sometimes feel that racism is getting worse.

I learned to walk on my own legs, to dive so deeply into a role to forget that Im acting.

I knew Id have to go to Paris eventually, and I didnt want to be the provincial kid who just turns up and says, I want to act.

I dont spend much time on Twitter. I joined because I found it funny.