Usher Quotes

Success is about dedication. You may not be where you want to be or do what you want to do when you’re on the journey. But you’ve got to be willing to have vision and foresight that leads you to an incredible end.

Success is all about having the confidence to shoot for something even if it seems impossible.

Strivers achieve what dreamers believe.

The best present a man can give a woman is his undivided attention.

Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t make them all yourself.

You are who you are, and in the end, If you don’t believe it then no one will.

There’s always that one person, That will always have your heart. That one person for me is you.

You either evolve or dissolve.

For a woman to be able to dominate and also be feminine and soft, that’s a talent. And its not all about appearance. A woman who has a brain, who is street-smart and book-smart, that woman is very, very sexy to me.

I like a woman who takes care of herself – it says something about the way she’ll care for me.

Giving a child an education is by far one of the most important investments we can make.

Success is measured by personal happiness.

If you don’t EVOLVE, you dissolve. You evolve or you evaporate.

We all possess exactly what we need to be our greatest selves.

I’m a flamboyant type of guy, a cooler version of Liberace.

I tried football and got my ass beat. I tried baseball, and the ball knocked out one of my teeth.

If somebody steps on your shoes and ruins them, don’t freak out.. get a new pair of shoes. If you miss something, don’t freak out.. there’s nothing you can do to change it.. just move on

The more youth begin to recognize that they have a voice, the more change is possible.

You are my superstar. I’m your number one fan, give me your autograph, sign it right here on my heart. Girl, I’ll be your groupie, baby.

Sleeping is forbidden at the age of 22. It’s all work and no play.

Breaking up is a natural evolution when you try to figure out what you want in life. If you’re with an individual who isn’t moving in the same direction and at the same rate that you are, it ain’t going to work.

The first time I got a chance to meet Michael was onstage at Madison Square Garden. There were tons of people on the stage, and I just remember losing my mind. Like, Oh my God, that’s Michael Jackson right there. I was just over his right shoulder. And then when I finally got a chance to get on the stage with him, I was just shut down. He had the type of magic that you just bowed to. I just said, “I love you, and I know you’ve heard it a million and one times from fans all over the world, but you’ve meant so much to me as an entertainer, and I love you, and I’ve admired you all these years.

Down time is not the name of the game.

I think it’s important for us to believe in one another’s capabilities. If I didn’t have someone to believe in me, I wouldn’t be the individual I am today. Neither would I strive for new territory or new direction or to believe in myself.

I guess I had it made. My mother gave me advice – she taught me that women like to be looked in the eye – and my grandmother gave me condoms.