Vaginal Davis Quotes

When it comes to performance art, I am more interested in the failures then the so-called successes. I have never cared for entertaining anyone.

I have never lived in New York City, but a lot of people think that I am a New Yorker, because I was embraced by the Downtown scene since the 1980s. For the record I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California.

I am not a sentimental or superstitious person, so I don’t have any pre-performance rituals. I am a very practical woman. After a performance I am always hopeful that I will lure someone home for a ritual of a more personal nature.

The best performance advice I have ever been given was to “Know where your light is, onstage.”

I have always hated flying. I mainly pass the time writing letters. I am very old school and I still keep many correspondences the old-fashioned way, via post.

I obsess and fantasize about whatever attractive men may be on the flight. Though these days the pickings are lean. No one flies regularly anymore but fugly, bland businessmen, and hideous families with no-neck monsters for children.

Only Los Angeles could produce a creature such as myself. New York is a boutique city. You have to be wealthy and of privilege to be able to live comfortably there.

Paris is my favorite city in the world. The men are so beyond gorgeous, especially the humpy Arab men. But I could never live in Paris, it’s a boutique city.

My performances may have elements that some may find entertaining, but that’s not my main purpose.