Val McDermid Quotes

A society gets the criminals it deserves.

That was the trouble with moving houses; no matter how carefully you packed the books, they never ended up on the new shelves in quite the right place.

It’s not magic that takes us to another world – it’s storytelling.

Not even a hand-stitched suit could hide a body gone ruinously to seed. I was tempted to offer some fashion advice, but I didn’t think he’d welcome the news that this year, bellies are being worn inside the trousers.

Time for the likeliest story since Mary told Joseph it was God’s.

He frowned as he struggled to remember. It was like watching an elephant crochet.

When all else fails, go for the ego.

No woman is a heroine to her dentist.

Steve Mosby has become one of a handful of writers who make me excited about crime fiction.