Valentina Zelyaeva Quotes

Modeling is an industry that judges you purely by looks. Today you are on the top of your game and tomorrow a new face arrives and all eyes are on her. It happens every season.

Nature; it always inspires me. Living in New York, it can get quite stressful sometimes, so on the weekends, I like to go hiking.

Traveling around, it can get very stressful sometimes, and I found yoga, thank God, like a couple of years ago. I went to my first yoga class, and I got hooked on it, and I go almost every day when I’m in New York. I find that it really balances me. And also, morning meditation.

I like to wake up at six o’clock in the morning so I have a very long morning, so I have time to meditate. I can really tell that it makes a difference – the days I don’t have meditation and the days when I do.

You need to eat what’s local. So that’s what I’m trying to do – just be as close to nature as possible.