Valentino Rossi Quotes

Riding a race bike is an art – a thing that you do because you feel something inside.

The speed is something dangerous but very exciting.

The most important thing is to have a good relationship with the bike… you have to understand what she wants. I think of a motorcycle as a woman, and I know that sounds silly, but it’s true.

I try to have a different relationship with the bike. I don’t give it a name, but I always speak with it. I don’t know if the other riders do the same. This is not only a piece of metal – there is a soul. The bike talks back too. But not with a voice, with the components

To be a great motorbike racer, the most important thing is passion for the bike.

The great fights with your strongest rivals are always the biggest motivation. When you win easily it’s not the same taste.

Giving yourself threads doesn’t mean you don’t believe in yourself in my opinion.

Maybe the bike is more dangerous, but the passion for the car for me is second to the bike.

Luck is one thing. It has always been there, it has always been a part of my success. It’s a part of everyone’s success. Without it, you can’t be successful. But luck is something you have to stimulate, something you have to nurture through the choices you make…That’s why things have always worked out for me. Things work out not just because I’m lucky, but because I plan ahead. I figure out what I want and I go for it. I’ve always spent a lot of time trying to surround myself with the right people, the kinds of teammates who could lead me to my goals.

Our sport is dangerous. We risk the life out there, so we need to stay calm and focused and leave all the rest out.

Motivation is the key. More than training, more than experience or age, motivation counts. You have to ask yourself: ‘Why am I racing?’ I race because I like it, because I’m really enjoying it. I like to set up my bike and ride it on track. After 20 years in the GPs I’m still highly motivated. Everything else is a consequence.

I am still here because I like to prove myself. I still like to ride the bike on track and enjoy the races. I still have good reasons to be in racing after so many years.

I think the secret is to understand that you still want to be part of the game. To do so, you have to forget all the victories you’ve managed to get in the previous years and have a great humility. You also need to realise that, if you want to go on, you have to work hard. If you dwell too much on your past successes and say “well, I have won nine world titles and more than 100 races”, you’d rather stay home.

I’m Valentino Rossi. And I want to be a person, not an icon.

I feel 100% a Yamaha rider in my heart. I had a long career and raced with several factory bikes, but the highlight of my career is undoubtedly with Yamaha.

Friendship is very important to me. With some friends, we’ve known each other since we were kids and it’s a very strong relationship. They always tell me what they think even when I am wrong. It’s great to share with them the best moments. I also have many friends in the team, and I like to share my passion with them.

You need to realise that, if you want to go on, you have to work hard. If you dwell too much on your past successes and say “well, I have won nine world titles and more than 100 races”, you’d rather stay home. The sport, your rivals, the tyres, your motorcycle, everything changes so instead you need to work more to be stronger. If you don’t, you’re finished.

I never race for records. The motivation to try to beat the record is not enough to continue. You have to enjoy it.

I am focused on racing. I enjoy it. It’s a great feeling to be back fighting for the title.

I race to win. If I am on the bike or in a car it will always be the same.

I’m lucky because I don’t feel too much pressure – it’s only in the last hour before the race, and even then it’s good, positive pressure.

I have always challenged myself and it’s also important to learn from the rivals. Every rider has his own style, and you have to count on some elements that cannot be changed. On the contrary, the bike or the tires can change and it’s important to adapt yourself. It’s up to the rider to understand what he can change and how much he can adapt.

I would have probably stolen cars – it would have given me the same adrenaline rush as racing.

We kept on racing, doing something that Luis [Salom] loved. Fortunately or unfortunately, life goes on.

To win the Championship in the first year will be hard. We need time to become competitive and win races.