Valerie Trierweiler Quotes

Being First Lady is playing supporting act. I am not seeking notoriety and I am not seeking to grab the limelight.

My feeling is that maintaining financial independence is also a healthy way to keep my feet on the ground.

In France, a first lady has no status, and therefore she isn’t supposed to do anything else.

I have never worn dresses by grands couturiers.

My perception of life is not to ask Francois Hollande, who isn’t the father of my children, to support me financially.

I’ve shared the fate of many working mothers; I felt guilty like them.

I will count to 10 before tweeting.

I know politics; I know the media.

I built my entire life on the idea of independence.

I am, and remain, passionate about news.

I am a committed observer. I like staying in the background and seeing what’s going on.

These days, everything is magnified very quickly by the media – the slightest slip can turn into a catastrophe.