Vali Myers Quotes

Let it all be animal, my life and death, hard and clean like that, anything but human…a lot I care, me with my red heart in the dark earth and my tattooed feet following the animal ways.

The center of life is female – we all come from our mothers. I’ve always drawn women or female spirits. I feel deeply about this – who gives a damn about some guy on a cross? My mother’s creativity was smothered after she married and raised a family, but she was supportive of me – even my father expected me to carry on in her footsteps. I prefer to have no kids but lots of animals.

I’ve had 72 absolutely flaming years. It (the illness) doesn’t bother me at all, because, you know, love, when you’ve lived like I have, you’ve done it all. I put all my effort into living; any dope can drop dead. I’m in the hospital now, and I guess I’ll kick the bucket here. Every beetle does it, every bird, everybody. You come into the world and then you go.

The end is never worth the beginning.