Valorie Curry Quotes

I grew up performing in theatre.

My mother was working on her college degree throughout my childhood, and being the youngest in the family, that meant being dragged to a lot of her classes. She majored in playwriting, so I was exposed to theatre from a very young age, and it was just the most magical world to me.

I love the horror genre and the thriller genre, so I’ve got no problem with playing a psycho.

Most fan have been like, “You’re a monster, you give me nightmares, don’t talk to me.”

The characters that aren’t what they seem to be or women who are stronger than people give them credit for or characters you underestimate, I always think are really interesting because there are so many possibilities with them.

Im a New Yorker. My background is in theater, so staying here, I have the opportunity to get back to that, which I would love to do.