Wayne Dyer Quotes

With everything that has happened to you, you can either feel sorry for yourself or treat what has happened as a gift. Everything is either an opportunity to grow or an obstacle to keep you from growing. You get to choose.

Life is never boring, but some people choose to be bored.

I have enough…and I allow what I already have enough of to flow to me.

Learn to appreciate what you have and where and who you are.

Empowerment is the inner joy of knowing that external force isn’t necessary to be at harmony with oneself.

In the context of eternity, time doesn’t matter.

If you believe that feeling bad will change a past event, then you are residing on another planet with a different reality system.

Do not be ‘against’ anything. Being ‘against’ weakens you.
Be ‘for’ what you want. Being ‘for’ empowers you.

The way that I teach now is just by listening. I listen a lot.

It is in the contemplation of what you desire that you create what it is you want for yourself

Love what you do; Do what you love.

Examine what you believe to be impossible, and then change your beliefs.

My goal is not to be better than anyone else..but to be better that I used to be

If you believe it will work out , you’ll see opportunities. If you believe it won’t you will see obstacles.

Be Sure you Are Stepping to the Music you Hear – No Matter what Other People Think.

Every little obstacle-every fall you have-is an opportunity.

Thoughts are mental energy; they’re the currency that you have to attract what you desire. You must learn to stop spending that currency on thoughts you don’t want.

You create your thoughts, your thoughts create your intentions, and your intentions create your reality.

You can’t discover light, by analyzing the dark.

What other people think of me is none of my business. One of the highest places you can get to is being independent of the good opinions of other people.

Conflict cannot survive without your participation.

If you don’t make peace with your past it will keep showing up in your present.

Change your inner thoughts to the higher frequencies of love, harmony, kindness, peace, and joy, and you’ll attract more of the same.

Everything you do is based on the choices you make. It’s not your parents, your past relationships, your job, the economy, the weather, an argument or your age that is to blame. You and only you are responsible for every decision and choice you make. Period.

If you blame others for something that happens in your life, then you must wait until they change in order to get better.