Xaviera Hollander Quotes

You just can’t be good in bed anymore. You have to be good at the keyboard too.

I have only hated men at those moments when I realized that I was doing all the giving and they the taking. At least when I was a prostitute, it was all honest and upfront.

When the stocks go up, the cocks go up!


You can call me mercenary, or call me madam, but, as I always tell my customers – just call me anytime!

I might not be a psychiatrist, but I am convinced that sex is not as important as we tend to make it. First there is that little feeling, that little red flame, called love. Blow on the flame and make it get bigger like a fire, don’t blow it out like a candle.

In America you can get away with murder, but not with sex.

My Pleasure is my business

Something is wrong here: sex has been with us since the human race began its existence, yet I would estimate that 90 percent of human beings still suffer enormous inhibitions in this area.

Actually, if my business was legitimate, I would deduct a substantial percentage for depreciation of my body.

The world wants to be cheated. So cheat.

My method is basically the same as Masters and Johnson, only they charge thousands of dollars and it’s called therapy. I charge fifty dollars and it’s called prostitution.

A freak is basically anyone who needs fantasy, degradation, or punishment in order to achieve his interpretation of erotic gratification.