Y. C. James Yen Quotes

Go to the people
Live among them
Learn from them
Love them
Serve them
Plan with them
Start with what they know
Build on what they have.

We work with the people not out of pity but out of respect for their potential for growth and development, both as individuals and as communities.

A worker in the rural reconstruction must have: The body of an athlete The attitude of a teacher The mind of a scientist The heart of a missionary The spirit of a crusader.

When we have a new heart, we become new people, and then we have a new society, then we have a new nation.

Commitment cannot be taught;
it can only be caught.
I refer to the crusading spirit.
Without the crusading spirit,
you may have the starting power
but not the staying power.

Technical know-how of the experts must be transformed into practical do-how of the people.

When we talk about democracy, if the people’s stomach is empty, democracy is also empty. Democracy can not be installed by fiat; it must be achieved by the people themselves.

The people are the foundation of the nation. Our only chance for a lasting peace on earth: the release of the strength of the common man.

True independence is not a gift to be received. It can’t be a hand-out to people. It must be an achievement by the people.

Relief has its place. But what the people need is not relief, but release – release of their own potential for development.

I must dedicate my life to teaching my people, for only education would make their lot less bitter, their latent power more strong.

Go to the people and live among them in order to know them and learn from them.