Yang Mi Quotes

When I post on Weibo, I try my best to post things that are aspirational and have a positive energy. I often think that maybe people who see my posts are still growing up and in a stage where they are choosing the kind of life they will have. If they see something good and that can influence them, this makes me think that Weibo can be a positive force for young people in China.

I think style is both something that you have naturally and something you need to study. The most important thing is to find your personal style, your personal difference and choose things that suit you best and bring out your personal attributes.

I like to look at American and European street style. Basically, I look at things I like and want to buy, just like everyone else. But having said that, I think that it can be a bad idea to pay too close attention to someone else’s total look.

China’s social media is becoming more and more influential; I think this is a very good thing. In China, social media gives people an outlet to post about themselves, to find out information from other people. Everyone is very focused on social media and this will be the same in the future.