Yara Quotes

You were a terrible baby, do you know that? Bawling all the time, never sleeping. And one night you just wouldn’t shut up, screaming like a dying pig. I walked over to your crib, I looked down at you. I wanted to strangle you. And you looked up at me and you stopped screaming. You smiled at me. Don’t die so far from the sea.

I really love acting, but I also really want to be a historian, so its really confusing.


For me, personally, Im usually not on my phone that much. I prefer listening to old radio shows and watching foreign films than tweeting.

I think the hardest person to love is yourself
I mean-
You carry your flaws like burdens
And you feel them on your skin
The words you shouldn’t have said
Still echo in your head
So you keep quiet
Your mistakes, like monsters
They haunt you
And you put them to sleep every night
The words you should’ve said
Still echo in your head
I bet you’d give yourself a chance
If you were someone else instead

I am all about comfort and whatever comes along with comfort. I wear a lot of sweats. But Im also very preppy naturally.

At Harvard, I got to meet and have dinner with Jamaica Kincaid. Just to have conversations with professors was absolutely amazing.

First Family on the CW is about the president and his family living in the White House.

Having life experiences outside of acting is something my family has always made sure happens.

Yara: Youre a great warrior. I saw the bodies above your gates. Which one gave you the tougher fight, the cripple or the six year old?

Ive been shy twice. Once when I saw Matthew Bomer and once when I saw Adam Levine. I couldnt say anything, literally.