Yehuda Levi Quotes

In North America and Western Europe, ten percent of the population of the world consumes fifty percent of its energy.

The real danger to the Earth lies in this excessive consumption.

This over-consumption is also manifest in our use of raw materials. It can even be found in our dietary habits… . People are well aware of this. The root of the problem lies in a selfish world view which inflates personal consumption beyond the essential.

From the explicit prohibition against the destruction of fruit trees, our sages deduced that it is all the more forbidden to destroy the fruits themselves.

One of the treasures of nature is beauty; this, too, should be preserved.

The beauty of the environment is an important factor in the quality of life.

Cities originally surrounded by a wall can produce an urban population cut off from the surrounding fields and from agriculture altogether. At the same time, the greenbelt laws eliminate the possibility of the unchecked expansion of a city into a monstrous megalopolis. If there is a need for additional homes, a new city must be established.

Particular nuisances (are) smoke, sewage odours, dust and similar aerosols, and vibrations.