Yekaterina Samutsevich Quotes

I support the boycott because I do not think at this stage there is any other way to make our authorities see and understand because they keep ignoring the rights of their citizens … and at this stage there is no other way to affect change, because the authorities have taken hostage of the media, so perhaps this boycott can be a symbol of criticism being voiced.

I am a feminist and an advocate for women’s right to self-determination. I want a society in which women can voice their political views. We have shown that girls like us can perform courageous acts. By doing so, we are breaking up the prevailing image of women in Russia. We are not the weak sex. We don’t always just sit at home, cook and take care of the kids.

We knowingly chose to protest in the Christ the Savior Cathedral, the most important church in the country, to denounce the connection between the church and Putin.

I think that Medvedev and Putin are in on it together. One is playing the good cop and the other the bad cop.

We triggered a discussion in society about the connection between church and state as well as our justice system. Putin is the leader, the icon and the guarantor of an authoritarian system that crushes Kremlin critics along with the help of the secret police and ever changing methods and laws.

We are a Russian group and we want to change the situation in Russia. We criticize our own government and it would be strange if we did that from abroad. We don’t need performances in the West to put Putin’s regime under pressure. The punishments against us have shown us that we succeeded.

Pussy Riot is against the cult of consumerism and the commercialization of art. Our performances were always open for everyone and anyone can see our video clips for free on the Internet.

It’s strange when you’re innocent, are you supposed to ask for forgiveness from the judge who’s ready to put you away for several years? No, this wasn’t even discussed.