Zachary Cole Smith Quotes

It’s so easy to hate something. It’s harder to genuinely appreciate something.

Obviously there’s so much about me on the Internet that you can turn against me, and you can make me into any person you want.

It’s pretty easy to lose money on tour – most bands do on their first couple of tours. We’re more established, but I think it was just poorly booked. It was a mess from the get-go.

I’ve tried to be clear about who I am, and be as open as possible with the press, and speak extremely candidly and openly about stuff. I feel like in almost every instance, it’s completely backfired, and I feel like people have all these kind of absurd ideas about the way I think about myself, and my own self-identity.

What I wanted was just to make music, and so, originally I just wanted to hide behind the album cover of the last record, and I wanted it to be almost anonymous.

I’m glad that, despite everything, I was able to get work done and finish something. I never finish anything. So just being able to finish record and to make music is a great gift.

The idea is: You played to 100 people this week in Europe, and then next week you can play to 200. It’s an investment in that territory. But it can lose money because it’s very expensive to go to Europe. You can’t really just say, like, “Oh, we’re gonna take our van and drive to California tomorrow.” It’s more like, “Oh, we have to fly to London and rent three guitar amps, a bass amp, drums; buy all these flights for four people; hire a driver.”

I didn’t want the lyrics to be about specific things in my life, I wanted them to be about generalised experiences I’d had. So when I’m writing about relationships or somebody leaving you or something, a lot of lyrics are partly about failed relationships I’d had, but they were also about my Dad, and being abandoned as a kid.

Music is an opportunity to say every single thing that you want to say. People will pore over whatever you say and however you say it and, for me, it represents complete freedom of speech.

Music is much more of a multimedia sort of thing than I expected.

It’s totally true: Ariel, Christopher Owens, me, and Courtney Love, all in Saint Laurent ads, all with the same haircut.

There are a million things out there every single day that trigger me – songs, smells, even the season that we’re in, fall. Something about the air.

I don’t think fear necessarily is a core human emotion, but I do think fear of death is something that is at the core of every person’s existence.


It’s this funny thing now: You sign up to be a musician because you want to write music, but you don’t spend your time writing music. Instead, you go around the world selling the music you’ve already made.

Three years between records is longer than average. Double albums are much more of a statement. I really wanted to put myself out there as much as I possibly could.

I wanted to show a different side of ourselves. I wanted to see in what ways I could explore something new. I felt like working on a double record would give people a lot to have.

I wouldn’t say music is my passion, or my calling, or anything like that. I mean, I don’t really believe in that kind of stuff. Life is a series of chance happenings, so I just fell into it.

You can’t show somebody what it’s like to experience loss, but you can soundtrack it and help them experience their own loss. I am so lucky to have this venue to be able to say and talk about all the stuff I’ve been through.

People are going to be way more patient listening to what I have to say now. I don’t have five seconds to get their attention, I have five minutes. That’s a huge window.

Generally, I think people are just going through the motions now. There’s so much stuff that people are doing today that has already been done. I kind of like that new Savages record, but I don’t know why they take themselves so seriously.

My mom worked at [American] Vogue before I was born. She has always been fashion-minded. I grew up with original Yves Saint Laurent sketches on the wall in our house. A lot of that rubbed off on me.

I don’t know if there’s anything that would surprise people, because I don’t think that anybody knows anything about me at all. There’s not much out there. I think I’m going to come out with a pretty dark and troubled record, and it might upset some people.

I grew up around fashion – my mom was an editor for Vogue. Compared to the music industry, though, I’d say [fashion] is a little bit more disorganized. But it’s exciting for me because, when you’re a performer, there is a fashion element.

[YSL creative director] Hedi [Slimane] is a music-obsessed guy. I might’ve originally met him through Sky.

A record is worth 10,000 live shows.