C. A. Bartol Quotes

Gentleness and kindness will make our homes a paradise upon earth.

Patience is nobler motion than any deed.

Temperance to be a virtue must be free, and not forced.

Fine manners are like personal beauty,–a letter of credit everywhere.

Every pure thought is a glimpse of God.

We must learn that competence is better than extravagance, that worth is better than wealth, that the golden calf we have worshiped has no more brains than that one of old which the Hebrews worshiped. So beware of money and of money’s worth as the supreme passion of the mind. Beware of the craving for enormous acquisition.

Paradoxical as it may seem, God means not only to make us good, but to make us also happy, by sickness, disaster and disappointment.

Religion is indeed woman’s panoply; no one who wishes her happiness would divest her of it; no one who appreciates her virtues would weaken her best security.

Hope is the parent of Faith.

Beauty is no local deity, like the Greek and Roman gods, but omnipresent.

Look at nature with science as a lens. The rock swarms, the clod dances; the mineral is but the vegetable stepping down, and the animal an ascending plant; the man, a beast extended; and the angel, a developed human soul.


Self-condemnation is God’s absolution; and pleading guilty, acquittal at his bar.

On the attraction between man and woman society is based; but its refined is greater than its gross force, and its weight is like the gravitation of the globe.

Character halts without aid of the imagination, which our classes in Shakespeare and Browning, music and drawing, recognize not only as amusement and by-play of the mind, but a co-ordinate power. Its work is unhappily styled fiction; for to idealize is to realize.

Children are marvelously and intuitively correct physiognomists. The youngest of them exhibit this trait.


Father, mother, child, are the human trinity, whose substance must not be divided nor its persons confounded. As well reconstruct your granite out of the grains it is disintegrated into as society out of the dissolution of wedded love.

True men and women are all physicians to make us well.

Private sincerity is a public welfare.

The soul is one with its faith.

Freedom is not caprice but room to enlarge.