C.J. Langenhoven Quotes

Friends should be like books, few, but hand-selected.

We need to be grateful for many things that didn’t happen.

God created the world just like a knife and left it up to us to take it by the handle or the blade.

Yes is like credit, No is like cash.

Don’t listen to a man who says we have to work together as a team. He means we have to work as he says.

It could be disastrous to speak your mind while you are deep in thought.

Absence is the enemy of love and the friend of friendship.

If you really want to hurt, find someone who loves you.

A man with no enemies is no good as a friend.

To love one’s neighbor is a tough command. It works better for people who live far away.

Adversity removes the friends prosperity has harvested.

There are people who are so cautious that they are careful not to waste their fear.