G. Gordon Liddy Quotes

A liberal is someone who feels a great debt to his fellow man, which debt he proposes to pay off with your money.

If the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms insists upon a firefight, give them a firefight. Just remember, they’re wearing flak jackets and you’re better off shooting for the head.

Three people can keep a secret as long as two of them are dead.

Why is it there are so many more horses’ asses than there are horses?

Take, for example, the African jungle, the home of the cheetah. On whom does the cheetah prey? The old, the sick, the wounded, the weak, the very young, but never the strong. Lesson: If you would not be prey, you had better be strong.

You can’t kill ideas. But you can sure shoot the people who hold them

If you’re not a target, you’re a failure.

One of the biggest lies in the world is that crime doesn’t pay. Of course, crime pays.

The press is like the peculiar uncle you keep in the attic – just one of those unfortunate things.

My last fear, the fear of God, died with my faith.

The official version of Watergate is as wrong as a Flat Earth Society pamphlet.

They were afraid, never having learned what I taught myself: Defeat the fear of death and welcome the death of fear.

If I can go from burglar for the government to talk show host, you can go from entertainer to congressman.

You get rid of the fear of death by understanding that it is an integral fact of our existence. You do that through will and reason.

Once you start a war, you have to win.

The soldiers currently manning our sophisticated weaponry have room temperature IQ’s.

Obviously crime pays, or there’d be no crime.