Gabriel Orozco Quotes

… what is important is not so much what people see in the gallery or the museum, but what people see after looking at these things, how they confront reality again. Really great art regenerates the perception of reality; the reality becomes richer, better or not, just different.

I believe that a small action or a subtle gesture in life can change many, many things.

We normally consider stability to be the constant in life and accidents to be the exception, but it’s exactly the opposite. In reality, the accident is the rule and stability is the exception.

I try always to intimate with the world… with everything I can, to feel love for it, or interest in it. To be intimate you have to open yourself, to be fearless, to trust what is around you, animate and inanimate. Then you start to change the scale of things, of the public and private.

My photographs are not just about the instant of movement you capture in the camera. It’s much more total, about constant movement that became static.

What I’m after is the liquidity of things, how one things leads you on to the rest… The works are about concentration, intention, and paths of thought: the flow of totality in our perception, the fragmentation of the river of phenomenon.

Photography is more than a window for me. Photography is more like a space that tries to capture situations.

You see what you understand, You have to be prepared to see the world. The moment of clicking the camera is almost irrelevant. What is really important is what happens before and after you take the picture.

I admire the artists that work everyday to attest things for themselves… In the act of transforming the objects of the everyday they transform the passage of time and analyze the economics and politics of the instruments of living.