Gabrielle Dennis Quotes

In so many ways I’m just thankful for common sense. Common sense keeps you out of trouble.

Be honest about who you are and what your bringing to the table and what your expectations are.

Without a plan your kind of just like a dog chasing it’s tail, your not getting anywhere.

I think most women we go through a stage in relationship, this is men and women where I’m trusting you, but now I got to test it, I have to make sure your the real deal.

When your trying to be an adult in a relationship you seriously don’t need to lie or front and try to put on this big picture or pseud like your something that your not.

Sometimes I will read the whole script just to see what my character is doing, but I won’t touch a script that I’m not in because it’s just so much more exciting as a fan to me to watch the show as it’s happening.

In the black community when we think of a couselor or sitting down with a therapist there is that taboo attached to people of being psychotic and crazy. Really it’s not it’s just sitting down having a conversation.

I just want to be in the moment and enjoy the outdoors and nature. Be able to take advantage of all the things God provided for us. That would be really nice.


A relationship cannot survive the test of time without trust.

Definitely, I’m always nice. Sometimes I wish I could be naughty, I’m just a little too boring.

The common sense has kind of kept me completely out of trouble. This is a life where it could have went a different way. I feel like I’m definitely being watched and I’m so thankful for that to feel this protected and loved and embraced by God.

We as women look around for things that we need to pay attention too just in case.

I would love to write and produce. I feel as if as an actor I’m just a small part you have to multi-task to survive in the entertainment industry.

Comedy, it’s a way for me to keep my acting chops. It’s like a free acting class, to get up in front of a live audience. You get to have fun telling stories.

I think a lot of men just automatically like to lie, because they feel like their protecting a women’s feelings.

Honesty is a big deal, and when your honest everything will fall into place.

I feel like there’s always somebody out there ready to take your man. If you got a good man, women are like you know their sleeping around.

Everybody when you propose and talk about putting your life together, the ultimate goal is the same. I think sometimes people forget your background and however you were raised. You want to have a different route to get to that goal.

A lot of times if you go to counseling you find out the thing we think are big issues to our partner is not near as big as we think it is.

A lot of times I feel like people stick around in a relationship because they feel a primal need to be with that person for whatever reason.

Your basically saying when your ready to marry somebody your wanting to spend your whole life with them with their flaws and all. If your still testing them then it’s something there that needs to be worked out. That really falls on the person doing the test. A lot of times it is based on insecurities.

It’s true that the man stealer is always lurking around the corner it’s just our job and your duty to make sure they back up!

Stay true to yourself because a lot of times women get so wrapped up in doing for a man that we forget to focus on us. A lot of times that is unattractive. They love us because we are independent and focused on the things that make us happy. Because when they see you happy, their happy!

There’s obviously more of us than there is men, so that’s why its important that you feel like its someone you want to be with long term. You should make it impossible for a man/woman to want someone else providing all the things within reason.

I don’t know if it’s still taboo in our culture but counseling is a great thing because sometimes you need someone from the outside to sit down and go over whatever the questions or conflicts are and come to a resolution.