Kane Quotes

You don’t need religion to have morals. If you can’t decide right from wrong then you lack empathy, not religion.

There’s been a problem, a problem eating away at me from the inside out. I’ve become weak, I’ve shown human compassion, and it has weakened me. But no more. Tonight I will once again feast on fear and suffering. My appetite for agony will be awakened. I will once again taste the pain of others. I will feast on the fear of the innocent, and that is the sweetest taste of all. Tonight I hunger for a sacrifice.

I don’t do what you people want. I Do What I Want!

It’s not a small world! It’s a painful, ugly world!


I breath wrestling. It’s in my blood. I have kind of a confidence when I walk.

Oh, I’m ready. Are you ready? It doesn’t matter if you’re ready!!!

He’s a freak. Just like me. Just like all those Kane-a-nites out there! And you know what, Freaks are cool!

What can I say? Chicks dig the mask.

Our forces shall spread like a great plague across the earth, every blue zone on the planet will feel our wrath!

Our directives must be reassessed.

I found you people in mud huts.. you were living in CAVES!

Yeah, I can dig that… SUCKAAAAAAAAAA!

So. How was your week?


I don’t think that’s the only thing he did in those pants.

When I think about being out of the business, it scares me.

I run a couple of newspapers. What do you do?