Karl Lagerfeld Quotes

Personality begins where comparison ends.

Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants.

Change is the healthiest way to survive.

I’m very much down to earth, just not this earth.

I don’t like standard beauty – there is no beauty without strangeness.

I’m open to everything. When you start to criticize the times you live in, your time is over.

It’s up to you to make everyday as perfect as possible.
It’s a question of will and discipline.

People who say that yesterday was better than today are ultimately devaluing their own existence.

I am not a fashion victim. Fashion is my victim.

Don’t look to the approval of others for your mental stability

Think pink, but don’t wear it.

Fashion is a language that creates itself in clothes to interpret reality.

Youthfulness is about how you live not when you were born.

Its all about taste.If you are cheap, nothing helps

The best thing to do is dive with your imagination ~ you can never drown yourself.

Nothing makes you look older than attempting to look young.

What I love best in life is new starts.

Elegance is a physical quality. If a woman doesn’t have it naked, she’ll never it clothed.

Dress for yourself and the man you love (if there is one). Women dressing to impress other women–forget about that. Forget about that. It’s a very bad way of thinking.

I am a black diamond, unfaceted. Black diamonds are rare, hard to cut, and therefore uncommercial.

A respectable appearance is sufficient to make people more interested in your soul

Trendy is the last stage before tacky.

You come first, the clothes later. Reinvent new combinations of what you already own. Be creative.

I like the idea of craziness with discipline.

There’s something boring about people who have to go to an office for a living…