Kathryn Kuhlman Quotes

God is not looking for gold vessels or silver vessels. He is looking for willing vessels

Wherever you find real love, you will also find humility. Remember something: humility is not a weak and timid quality. Too often we feel that humility is a sign of weakness. This is not so. It is the sign of strength and security.

Living with faith and courage is
something that life requires of
each of us.
Never, absolutely
never, give up! Never give in no
matter what!
Fight it through!
And I promise you something with
all of my heart-God will help

Today, Jesus stands ready to hear your cry and to answer prayer for you. He is interested in every detail of your life. He knows you better than you know yourself.

Great sea captains are made in rough waters and deep seas.

I surrendered unto Him all there was of me; everything! Then for the first time I realized what it meant to have real power.

The greatest human attainment in all the world is for a life to be so surrendered to Him that the name of God Almighty will be glorified through that life.

God does not patch up the old life,
or make certain repairs on the old life;
He gives a new life, through the new birth.

The only limit to the power of Almighty God lies within you & me.

The Heavenly Father does not ask for golden vessels. He does not ask for silver vessels. God asks for yielded vessels.

Faith is that quality or power by which the things desired become the things possessed.

Whether life grinds a man down or polishes him depends on what he’s made of.

When Jesus died on the cross and cried out, ‘It is finished!’ He not only died for our sins, but for our diseases too.

I didn’t have any looks, I didn’t have any talent, and it was easy for me to say to the Lord, “I don’t have anything.” If you only knew where I came from … this leetle-bitty town with no more than twelve hundred people in it. So … anything I am today, He is the one who has done it [ellipses in source].

Any truth, no matter how valid, if emphasized to the exclusion of other truths of equal importance, is practical error.

A little knowledge and an over-abundance of zeal always tends to be harmful. In the area involving religious truths, it can be disastrous.