L. P. Jacks Quotes

A master in the art of living draws no sharp distinction between work and play.

No one will know what you mean by saying that ‘God is love’ unless you act it as well.

In its essence the Gospel is a call to make the experiment of comradeship, the experiment of fellowship, the experiment of trusting the heart of things, throwing self-care to the winds, in the sure and certain faith that you will not be deserted, forsaken nor betrayed, and that your ultimate interests are perfectly secure in the hands of the Great Companion. This insight is the center, the kernel, the growing point of the Christian religion, which, when we have it, all else is secure, and when we have it not, all else is precarious.

Faith is nothing else than reason grown courageous – reason raised to its highest power, expanded to its widest vision.

Our intellectual development in the field of science has outstripped our human development in the field of character.

The mechanical mind has a passion for control – of everything except itself. Beyond the control it has won over the forces of nature it would now win control over the forces of society of stating the problem and producing the solution, with social machinery to correspond.

I had been virtually a Unitarian (as I still am) but without knowing it. The experience of being among Unitarians who did know what they were, and attached much importance to it, was entirely novel to me, but I soon fell into their ways and found it easy to go forward on their road, the more so because the other roads became closed to me.

Spirit is matter seen in a stronger light. What else did Malebranche mean when he spoke of “seeing all things in God”? Existence is a mystery because the light of it is inexhaustible.

Spirit is matter seen in a stronger light.