Lake Bell Quotes

Filmmaking is a huge privilege; it’s not brain surgery. It’s art, and art is supposed to be an enjoyable process, and it is an enjoyable experience for me.

A woman needs her privacy while drinking a dirty Belvedere martini on the rocks with a splash of Tabasco.

We’re all part of movie and we’re all incredibly and equally important but it is your actor’s job to perform and to deliver.

The reason I got into this business was for the privilege to exist in different genres and different worlds and play out different realities.

You have to be steadfast, and right now I’m on a stream train forward to make.

You can’t live in a dialect without tremendous work. Like any muscle, accents and voices and languages are all formed out of the muscles that we have in our mouths and faces and tongues.

With more money brings more fear and when you’re trying to be creative in a fear-based environment it’s dangerous. Then decisions are made out of fear, not what’s best for the film.


Actually, in my own life I think I probably feign neuroses to be more interesting than I am.

People do horrible things when they’re young. There might be betrayal and there might be things that should be forgotten.

I’ve learned from every director I’ve worked with. Everybody’s style is very different, and I always say that being an actor is the best film school that I could ever go to.

I get really restless if I’m not working. I generate or try to generate my own stuff. I’m constantly on the prowl for working with the people I love and respect.

A friend of mine told me, you know your obsession with girls who talk like sexy babies? You have to put that into your script.

I am lactose intolerant, and I always thought it was really funny how people who are lactose intolerant continue to eat dairy, because they like it so much. And I find it not acceptable.

I’m vegan on home base, but when I travel to other countries, I throw it all into the garbage.

I think coming to work and being absurd and neurotic and thoughtful at the same time is far more interesting.

I like my body, I like to have fun with what I put on, but I also want to remain classic. So I guess my signature is sexy and eclectic but classic.

The producers had seen “In a World…” and that’s where they found me out and consequently sought me out for this role [in Man up].

Something that has always attracted me to even taking on the occupation of actor is the idea that I could be lucky enough to portray different characterizations from different places in the world, whether it’s speaking another language or taking on a dialect and building a history from where they were born. I was very attracted to that concept, in becoming an actor.

It’s priceless what you learn when you actually do. It’s like going to film school times eleven. The best education is effectively to be functioning in the occupation that you want to take on.

I understand and respect deeply that each project brings its own secret and wonderful gifts and happy accidents.

I sort of loved the bustle of a thousand questions. Women are inherently kind of multitaskers.

I think great directors really respect their actors and vice versa. That mutual respect makes the job fun instead of anything but.

I’m not a sketch writer. I know what I am: I have a sensitive comedic sensibility. What turns me on is subtle neurosis. That’s my game. I’m not an action writer or a thriller writer and I’m not a sketch writer. I don’t pretend to be those things. Then it would not be fun. Then you are in a space where this is painful.

I’ll be totally honest in that I feel tremendously lucky that I am offered incredible jobs all the time to direct, but the problem that I have just personally is that there are only so many years in my life to dedicate to certain projects. When you’re directing something that’s generally two years of your life, you have to understand that. If I’m going to pour that kind of love and energy and sweat and heartache, all that juju into something, I’m going to lean into my own projects before someone else’s.

I always tried to make people laugh. I attribute that to – I come from a family of divorce. It was a way to distract myself from stuff. I always thought it was interesting that my brother and I existed in this really tight bond, and we would just take the piss out of pretty much everything. I knew I wanted to be an actor so it would be great if I could make people laugh while I was doing this, because I could be other characters and other people, and I could hide behind things. It was a great out for me, and a mode of expression.