Macy Gray Quotes

Whatever your image is, it’s probably not you, but it affords you the freedom to live up to it.

You don’t have to be a rock star – if you don’t like the situation you’re in, you don’t have to settle for it.

I want to be as famous as midnight. As powerful as a gun. As loved as a pizza.

When you’re little all the things that are quirky and weird about you and that people laugh at, you find out are the things that are going to get you through

I’m really demanding. No girl really wants just a guy. You want a prince, you want Jesus. So when he comes around and his name is, like, Steve, what are you supposed to do?

You could either go the traditional way or the other way. I went the other way.

I try to say goodbye and I choke
Try to walk away and I stumble
Though I try to hide it, it’s clear
My world crumbles when you are not here

I’ve never met anyone that is their image.

I think I get misinterpreted and misunderstood a lot.

I don’t know if I’m a feminist, as much as I really love being a woman and I’m proud to be a woman. I love everything about it. That might come closest. I definitely have nothing against men or men having their power. I do think that the whole thing with equal rights and paying women equally, it’s disgusting. I think in this day and age, if you still have issues with women, then that’s weird. I’m definitely for women winning. We’re such a wild species, we have so much to offer. I’m all about that – being for ourselves.

You can connect with anybody nowadays. You can literally go on there and leave a message for Oprah Winfrey. If you want to say something to Hillary Clinton, you can tweet her! That’s something I don’t think anybody saw coming. It’s also a way for people who aren’t Oprah or Hillary to make a name for themselves and let people know they’re out there. It’s not exclusive to people who get lucky in life. It’s amazing.

Am I a fruitcake? I don’t know. Perception is reality, so if I sit here and say, “I’m not a fruitcake, I’m a lemon cake,” it doesn’t matter. What you see me as in your world is what I am; it doesn’t matter what I am – do you know what I mean? To me, I know what my real problems are – and they’re certainly not about cake. And that’s just the way it is.

I just love being on stage and I love making music, and as far as – it’s great for narcissism, because you have all those people screaming out your name.

My voice is definitely a big present for me from God, because it’s not like I can even take credit for it.

I have a bronze statue of myself, naked. I have these really big curls and water comes out of every curl. It’s hot.

The funny thing about Facebook and Twitter is, you can go on there and see what’s going on in the world without watching the news. I get so much news off of social media. I think it’s cool. It’s changed everything, not just music. It’s changed the world. It definitely is a good thing. I don’t really know what I think of it yet more than that. I haven’t really sorted that out for myself.

It’s like any other job: there’s a method to it and it’s really important to get that down. I’m still working on it, I got a lot to learn. It’s one thing to make records but it’s a whole ‘nother capacity to be a star – whatever that is.

I’d like to be Queen Elizabeth.


I write in the studio.

The main part of the house is a deep red and I have butterscotch carpet. And I have a bathroom with leopard skin floor, wallpaper and toilet.

Becoming famous and selling a lot of records doesn’t change a thing.

My hobbies are random. One week I want to exercise, one week I just want to eat all day. One week I’m going out every night and the next week I’m totally locked in my house, not going anywhere. I’m a little bit all over the place, socially. I don’t have another passion or hobby – it’s really music. I’m in the studio constantly.

Being God would be the ultimate.