S. E. Hinton Quotes

Maybe the two different worlds we lived in weren’t so different. We saw the same sunset.

nothing can wear you out like caring about people

They grew up on the outside of society. They weren’t looking for a fight. They were looking to belong.

All my life I wanted somebody who knew more than I did to tell me the truth.

If you have two friends in your lifetime, you’re lucky. If you have one good friend, you’re more than lucky

I think that The Outsiders was meant to be written, and I was just picked to write it.

You know what the crummiest feeling you can have is? To hate the person you love the best in the world.

I lie to myself all the time. But I never believe me.

If you want to be a writer, I have two pieces of advice. One is to be a reader. I think that’s one of the most important parts of learning to write. The other piece of advice is ‘Just do it!’ Don’t think about it, don’t agonize, sit down and write.

You still have a lot of time to make yourself be what you want. There’s still lots of good in the world. Tell Dally. I don’t think he knows.

Some are going, some are staying….i’m in between.

You take up for your buddies, no matter what they do. When you’re a gang, you stick up for the members. If you don’t stick up for them, stick together, make like brothers, it isn’t a gang anymore. It’s a pack. A snarling, distrustful, bickering park like the Socs in their social clubs or the street gangs in New York or the wolves in the timber.

The difference is that was then, this is now.

I made up my mind that I’d get out of that place and I didI learned that if you want to get somewhere, you just make up your mind and work like hell til you get there. If you want to go somewhere in life, you just have to work till you make it.

I advise writing to oneself. If you don’t want to read it, nobody else is going to read it.

It seemed funny that the sunset she saw from her patio and the one I saw from the back steps was the same one. Maybe the two worlds we lived in weren’t so different. We saw the same sunset.

I was desperate for something to read that dealt realistically with teenage life, and I thought others might be, too.

I am a greaser. I am a JD and a hood. I blacken the name of our fair city. I beat up people. I rob gas stations. I am a menace to society. Man do I have fun!

I never base a character on someone I know. You can get ideas from real life, but every character you write is some aspect of yourself.

Sometimes, I feel like I spent the first part of my life wishing to be a teen-age boy, and the second part condemned to being one.

Anything you read can influence your work, so I try to read good stuff.

the person in this picture is really me.

Can you see the sunset real good on the West side? You can see it on the East side too.

Things were rough all over, but it was better that way. That way you could tell the other guy was human too.

Get smart and nothing can touch you.