Tablo Quotes

I don’t want to be a person with full hands, resting from dreams, but a person full of dreams unable to rest his hands.

Maybe the start line was supposed to be your finish line. Don’t be afraid to walk backwards.

Don’t expect anything ordinary from me, i’m weird, and i like myself as i am

The star shines for everyone in the world, but in reality, it itself is surrounded in darkness.

To be strong is to understand weakness. To be weak is to have fears. To have fears is to have something precious to you. To have something precious to you is to be strong.

Just because you’re breathing, doesn’t mean you’re alive.

Some lessons are only delivered in the form of pain.

People believe those fairytales about falling in love at first sight at the bus, subway, or at the streets. But it doesn’t make sense how they’d laugh at the ones who fell in love at first sight through TV screens. Loving a celebrity IS a type of love. Love is fair to everyone.

Doesn’t the world inside a black and white photograph seem more real? It’s because the real world is losing its color

Love what you do, not the love you get for doing it.

I’m afraid I’ll be a book that no one reads. Music that no one listens to anymore. I’m afraid I’ll be abandoned like a movie playing in an empty theater.

Even a falling star still shines.

One reason why love songs are better than love itself is that you can replay them.

Happiness is very simple and minimal.

Rather than someone that i can’t take my eyes off, I want to find someone that I can’t take my heart off

Your life, your soul, your world. They cannot kill it. Look at me, I’ve died but I opened my eyes again.

You lose yourself trying to hold on to someone who doesn’t care about losing you

Crying is easy, like breathing- the more you hold it in, the more you let out.

Robbing someone of their smile and putting it on your own face doesn’t make you happy.

They say time flies, but you keep breaking it’s wings.

I can’t change the world, but I’m hoping that what I say and do will inspire everyone to try.

Though I may not flow where the wind guides me, I won’t become still water.

Telling someone who’s crying not to cry
is the same as telling someone who’s falling not to fall.

When the face in the mirror doesn’t please you, turn it into a canvas.

Some dogs act like people and some people act like dogs.