Taeyang Quotes

A smart man can’t beat a hardworking man and a hard working man can’t beat a happy working man.

I don’t want to achieve my dream. I just want to pursue my dream until I die.

Without even knowing, a person goes around scattering their heart. That’s why if you’re with a smiling person, you end up smiling with them.

I think I have changed a lot. People might feel a little unfamiliar with the new me, but this is just who I am. I realised that I just want to be free.

Big Bang is what made me who I am today. With them, I laugh the most, and I feel like I can achieve things

Every time I work on something, fun comes first. Whatever it is I think if you have fun doing it, the other things will follow. Albums sales or ranking on charts aren’t important.

Have you ever played ping pong up against a wall? You get exhausted a lot quicker than playing against someone. It’s the same with getting angry. If you keep getting angry on your own, all that anger will just come back to you.

Rather than becoming the best, I want to become a singer with meaning.

You’re speaking coldly towards me but why is it that my heart isn’t getting cold at all? Is it because your heart is saying something else? Is it because there’s something else you’re hoping that I’ll hear? So tell me the real reason. Why are you doing this? I’ll become your strength. I have the confidence to do that.

I know what I’m the best at. But I still want to do something different because it’s fun for me. Even though I’m really good at something, it’s boring for me to do the same thing every time and it’ll be boring for people who are listening to me.

I really like my eyes, nose, and lips. I especially like my nose. I really like my lips too. I think my lips are sexy.

I sing with all my heart and when I see the audience feel it too, I feel so touched I get goosebumps…To my fans, I would like to say, ‘I will work harder’, rather than to say, ‘I love you’ because I believe that sincerity has its way of getting across to touch hearts.

Whether it’s a designer or a musician, I think the most important thing for people who express things are to be unique. There should be something unique only to them.

I’m always the same. Whether I’m solo or with Big Bang, the one thing I have to do is sing and dance. I started solo activities with the things I did well with Big Bang, and I’ll show the things I learned while doing solo through Big Bang. Wherever I go and whatever I do, I am Taeyang and Dong Young Bae.

I’m certain that I will be able to do music that’s more like me as I get to know more about myself. I think that is an artist’s fate. You have to keep trying to find your own world and express it.

We’ve seen each other fight like heck, and seen each other absolutely humiliated…and we’ve ever held hands….but we still don’t know each others names.

I’ve thought about how it will make things easier for you. But I can’t do that because more than my emotions, the future of Fresh Men is more important. Because more than my pride, my friends are more precious.

We’ve also started promoting in Japan, and compared to TVXQ sunbaes, we still have to secure a place. We all like TVXQ very much. We hope this time we’ll use the chance to become more intimate with the members.

TVXQ is our respected sunbae. Their vocal skills are strong, and we’ve studied much of their performances and choreography.

TVXQ has always chased after different music styles, and their members all have very strong talents.

Seeing TVXQ’s music and stage makes me feel touched, and they’re a very good influence on us.