Taika Waititi Quotes

A big part of the humor is in identifying with the tragic elements of the film. The New Zealand sense of humor is very dark. Our films are usually very dark and it’s always someone being killed. Usually a child.

I’m used to working with restrictions and that’s when you come up with the more creative stuff.

The films I like to watch are when they make it relatable to human audiences.

Sometimes there are really happy mistakes.

I love heroes that really go through ordeals and then come out the other end completely changed.

To make filmmaking interesting to me, I want to keep learning things.

I never wanted to be a filmmaker. I still, sometimes, think I got sidetracked by this, like this is a tangent. My main thing was painting; I was just going to do that.

I constantly remind myself that there are terrible movies out there. I try to watch them, some of them, to give myself an understanding of what not to do.

I’ve become more like water, I’m more relaxed and I’ll say, “Okay, let’s just completely change it and do it that way.”

When you’re actually making a film, it’s just people on your back all the time wanting stuff and you’re constantly having to it deal with them. It’s probably the most time consuming of all the arts, but I do love it because it is a great mix of visual art and music and writing.

With a feature film you’re dealing with so much more money and you’ve got to be very aware of the fact that you’re really working with an audience. You’ve got to have a relationship with the audience. Play with them and show them things you want them to see.

Hitler rounded up all of the vampires in Europe.

I hate the modern day the kids live in. I don’t think it’s very cool. Everyone’s interconnected.

I’ve loved comics since I was a kid, collected them, I’ve always dreamed of being involved in comics.

Short film: you can be poetic and you don’t have to answer anything. You can make whatever you want. You have creative freedom with short film.

I like to find comedy or something interesting to look at with whatever I’m working on.

Also with that money comes the idea, “Let your imagination run wild.” Which I think is a very dangerous thing. I think it’s dangerous because you can get into pretty wacky territory. There are things that are too crazy.

I want to do weird things and big budget things and no budget things. I don’t have a five-year plan.

My job is to make a film that can sit as a standalone piece, that if it’s the only Marvel film you see, it’s a great film with a great story in and of itself. The lucky thing is that there’s a bunch of geniuses who run Marvel that make sure, even if it’s a standalone piece, that it’s part of a great big jigsaw puzzle that could be appreciated as a whole as well.

If you’re tracking with a character that’s running off a thing and diving off, I would leave the camera there and not follow them down, because cameras don’t do that. The audience understands that. I’ll definitely bring that understanding of keeping things a bit more grounded.

I distinctly remember watching Annie when I was very little and thinking ‘I don’t like this kid.’ In fact I think I remember thinking ‘I don’t like any of these kids.’ That’s all I remember.

I might revisit – I like the idea of doing something else with [Hunt for the Wilderpeople characters]. But also I get bored of doing the same thing again. I just get bored.

The Jemaine [Clement] and Taika works is a very long and slow machine – we put an idea in one end, and it takes about six years to come out the other end. And sometimes it doesn’t even come out. And sometimes it comes out as a different idea. So we’ve out the idea of We’re Wolves into the machine, and it’s now slowly going through the sausage maker.

I really love him [Jack Gleeson as Joffrey in Game of Thrones] – I love watching that character. It’s quite phenomenal how people love to hate that character.

I remember being in Dublin in a cafĂ© and seeing him [Jack Gleeson] two or three years ago, and he came in – Joffrey[from the Game of Thrones] came in – and I remember being so star-struck. I don’t like famous people and I don’t really get star-struck. But I remember seeing him and being so impressed that he was walking around. So I really like Joffrey.