Udo Dirkschneider Quotes

I’m just going to keep going. For me, the most important thing is that I have fun. I’ve reached nearly everything already with Accept and U.D.O., so the most important thing is that I have fun touring and making albums. I’m still nervous when a new album comes out. I’m still nervous when we start touring. So as long as I have this feeling, I can’t say when I will stop.

In the 80s there weren’t so many bands around and nowadays there are a lot more bands around. I think sometimes there are too many bands. But there are a lot of interesting young bands around. They are not really playing the classic metal stuff, that’s up to the old bands.

First we start with the lyrics. Most of the lyrics are done by Stefan Kaufmann and me. When we have enough lyrics and enough stories we have the lines to make titles. Then we collect all the ideas of everybody in the band and see which ideas fit together the best with the lyrics to get the right atmosphere. That’s the way we compose.