V. Bozeman Quotes

You don’t always need all of the bells and the whistles. I learned in my life, throughout my journey, that I’m enough. I don’t need all of the extras. I just live my truth, and as long as I do that, I feel like I’ll be good in whatever circumstance.

Singing has opened so many doors for me. And that’s definitely a true passion of mine. It’s a natural, God-given gift.

I’ve known Timbaland for a while. We developed a friendship. He always said he would come back for me when he was ready, and he did. We’ve been rocking and rolling since we got together a couple of years ago. I’m blessed to be under his mentorship, and grateful he’s opened so many doors for me.

I always like to serve the people some good soul music, and Christmas was just the cherry on top.

I really learned that you should seize the moment; you should be present in the moment.

I just have to live my truth and know that it’s okay to rock on my own vibration, because I’m me. I try to stand by that code, especially as a young Black woman in this industry. I try to walk the walk and talk the talk.